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I'll be off then ...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 8:58 AM
Update :sun:

... to boldly go where Shou has gone a couple of times before:

  South Beach, Miami by LItaliano-Vero  Miami by alierturk  CSI Miami by dejz0r  Miami Beach by drosas  Echo by mdenn369  Leaving Miami by zootnik  Atlantic Ocean by wzrdofozfan  Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship by TDIBritney  atlantic. by geniebeans    Atlantic Ocean1 by nunheh  Horizon Hunting 3 by shoughad  Horizon Hunting 4 by shoughad Norwegian Epic At Sea by KingMinaj  Ocean by wormos  Cliffs  Of  Madeira 2 by CitizenFresh  Madeira's Moutains by Jikul  Funchal, hometown by nmdelgado  Bay of Funchal by olgaFI  Horizon Hunting 5 by shoughad  Horizon Hunting 2 by shoughad  Oh, it's just a port authority office by akseiya  National Museum Barcelona by hessbeck-fotografix  Barcelona .01 by Pharaun333  Hotel W, Barcelona by hessbeck-fotografix   

... to boldly go where no Shou has gone before:

in the VIENNA by TPol  Moments of Vienna by vlad-m  Vienna I by Thaess  Vienna Calling by SeaWhisper  Vienna Cafe Shop by GraceDoragonStephansdom in Vienna by pingallery  At the State Opera in Vienna by pingallery Vienna 06 by canbayram  Vienna - Castle Schoenbrunn by pingallery  Butterfly House in Vienna by pingallery  Haas - House in Vienna by pingallery  Metro Vienna by qqryq1  Vienna 9 by DostorJ  Coffee House Feeling in Vienna by pingallery  Ahoy Vienna. by paaniprezes    Vienna Tram by Eisenmann87  Wien 15 by adnrey  Museum of Art History - Wien 2 by pingallery 

:wave: See you soon! Have a good time until then! :sun:

3 Idols

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2014, 10:10 AM
You know, I'm not doing tags too often - but this one looks good to me.
I've to thank Thalia-Dawnbringer for thinking of my friends and making me browse my favorites once more. :thanks:

Let me show you three dA artists whose art blows me away, three friends I was lucky to find here on dA and another three people, who were my inspiration.

  • dA artists

    for her intelligent way to play with (german) words in her drawings

    for her awesome, ethereal female portraits

    for his monumental faith-series

  • dA friends

    because we already were friends, when the internet still was in its swaddling clothes

    because we obviously share the same obsession in writing ... and reading each others works

    because she never tires to support me

  • three people who were - and still are - my inspiration

    Richard and Wendy Pini for their gorgeous "Elfquest" saga

    Elfquest club ID by Elfquest-fanclub  ElfQuest Marvel Cover Re-Color by Foxeye  Elfquest Preview by Sonion

    Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin for being the first human to "boldy go where no man has gone before".
    Yuri Gagarin by Edloidas  Gagarin stamp 1 by Mihenator  Yuri Gagarin by astraltraveller8

    Richard Wagner for his way to use leitmotifs - musical phrases associated with individual characters, places, ideas or plot elements.
    Check out this one:  to learn, what I'm crazy about. Or just listen to the following ones:

    If you feel strong enough, don't miss the last one. Jennifer Wilson does an awesome job - you clearly can understand every words she sings. If you feel uncomfortable with her ... bone-crushing ... presence :wow:, just start at 4:00. And if you can't get along with this highly innovative production - simply close your eyes and listen. LISTEN.

I'm not going to tag anyone here around. But feel free to feel tagged anytime if you want to. ;)

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Meet my Friends ...dejan-delic

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 25, 2014, 8:50 AM
I haven't done this far too long, but here we finally go with a short feature of an artist, whose pictures blow me away everytime I look at them and wonder, how ... I think I've fainted.

Please meet :icondejan-delic: and his marvellous vector-treasures.

The Other by dejan-delic  Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken by dejan-delic  Jon Snow by dejan-delic

Bondsmagi of Karthain by dejan-delic  Locke Lamora by dejan-delic  The Berangias Sisters by dejan-delic

Hasufel by dejan-delic  Arod by dejan-delic  Shadowfax by dejan-delic

To summon a ghost by dejan-delic  Crippled Black Phoenix by dejan-delic  The dream of gold and iron by dejan-delic

:bulletwhite: I really could go on endlessly, but I believe you'd better check out dejan-delic's gallery and wander off there on your own. :bulletwhite:

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  • Listening to: the crackling of a tamed fire in the fireside
  • Reading: "The Republic of Thieves" by Scott Lynch
  • Watching: Fringe
  • Playing: Skyrim
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The Making of Phoenix Fire - Part III

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 25, 2013, 5:53 AM
The Phoenix Fire by shoughad

While I was working on "The Phoenix Fire"  I decided to capture a screenshot now an then in order to ... well, just to write these journals one day. ;)

So, if you have fun it it, just join the little discussion between creator (me :painter:) and creation (Thalia :rose:) and/or watch us setting the stage on fire!

:rose: Pssst! Cretor, I think I can't go on standing like a "T". I know that my arms still should be there, but I can't feel them any more.

:painter: Yep, you're right: we should start bringing some action into the scene. Just take a look at the original picture we want to bring to life:

The Phoenix Awakens by Thalia-Dawnbringer
Can you give me a similar pose, something that will show the people that you're really ... getting humpy. :shakefist:

:rose: How about this?

Zwischenablage08 by shoughad

:painter: Oh, no! No! You look like good old Sand here, levitating while casting Mordenkainen's Sword. Give it another try, OK? :laughing:

Zwischenablage09 by shoughad

:painter: Hmmm ... that's better. But it's still not exactly what I had in mind.

:rose: Well, maybe you should give me some ground to stand on, to enable me to stand my ground? ;) It's hard to to sustain your position, when you're in the middle of nowhere ...

:painter: Point taken! :nod:
And this really looks promising. Really. Let me fix your costume now: I'm going to make the skirt follow your pose as well as the boots ...

Shh Nice boots! --- :painter: Shut up, Cas!

Zwischenablage11 by shoughad

:rose: Argh! High heels ... creator, this won't work! Never ever! I'm going to fall down the staires and wil be killed by my own clumsiness long before Lorne has made it halfway through the arena. :worry:

:painter: Don't worry. You won't have to move. Let the fire do the job ...

:rose: Fire? What fire? ... Wait! Do you really want to do this? Setting free the Phoenix Fire? :wow:

:painter: Well, erm yes - why not? You told me, you can control it. Thus I thought we could picture it like a wing-shaped fire or fiery wings - something like that:

Zwischenablage12 by shoughad
:rose: Hells! You're kidding, aren't you?! These poor glooming wings of a lame duck??? ... oh ... wait! :onfire: I'll show you, what the true Phoenix Fire is to look like:

Zwischenablage13 by shoughad

:painter: (giggling and rubbing her scorched eyebrows) Well, so much for " but this time, it felt...more if waiting for her to act" ...

Zwischenablage14 by shoughad

Still to be continued ...

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The Making of Phoenix Fire - Part II

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 25, 2013, 11:05 AM
The Phoenix Fire by shoughad

While I was working on "The Phoenix Fire"  I decided to capture a screenshot now an then in order to ... well, just to write this journal one day. ;)

So, if you have fun it it, just join the little discussion between creator (me :painter:) and creation (Thalia :rose:).

:painter: Well, let's go ahead then. Where did we stop …

:rose: Hair?!

:painter: Oh! Sure. :stupidme: I … erm … I actually thought about something exotic, maybe a Shou-Lung-style like this:

Zwischenablage06 by shoughad

:painter: What do you think?

:rose: Nice style – but wrong color. For both – the hair an the feather …

:painter: I see. We'll take something darker then. And turn the hawk's feather into a phoenix' one – just like this.

Zwischenablage07 by shoughad

:rose: Now – that really looks nice.

:painter: Hmmm, you'd be looking really gorgeous wearing some make up, I think ...

:rose: Make Up? You mean: paint in my face?! That's ridiculous!

:painter: C'mon! Just give it a try. Lets put some rouge here and some lipstick there, and a few golden spots … voilà!

Zwischenablage10 by shoughad

:rose: Ohhh …

:painter: I'm sure, a certain paladin is going to like that. ;)

:rose: Shhh! :blushes:

:painter: OK, OK

:rose: Erm … creator. May I ask a favour?

:painter: Sure! :nod:

:rose: Can we try some other hairstyles – just for fun?

:painter: :laughing: Of course we can. Here we go ...

Tuffy by shoughad   Punky by shoughad   Modern by shoughad   Elvish by shoughad

To be continued ...

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The Making of Phoenix Fire - Part I

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 23, 2013, 6:44 AM
The Phoenix Fire by shoughad

While I was working on "The Phoenix Fire"  I decided to capture a screenshot now an then in order to ... well, just to write this journal one day. ;)

So, if you have fun it it, just join the little discussion between creator (me :painter:) and creation (Thalia :rose:).

:painter: Let's start then with a ...

:rose: Hello? Helloho?! Damn - it's dark in here! I can't see my hand in front of my face.
Anybody here to get me out of this mess?!

Starting at Zero

:painter: *sigh* ... blank, black screen. OK, OK - wait a minute, lass. I only have to doubleclick this lovely icon ... And here we go:

Loading Vistoria

:rose: Hey - creator! What do you think you're doing? This is not me. Abolutely not! Aaahrgh! Take a look: somebody painted a ugly violet bikini on my skin. And my hair ... seems to be painted as well. Like a tattoo. Wrong colors everywhere: skin, hair, eyes ...

:painter: Just calm down, Thalia. I'll take care of it in an second. It's just another mouseclick to make you look a bit more like ... yourself. How do you like this?

Ooops - naked

:rose: Eeeeeek! I'm NAKED!

:painter: Ooops! Sorry. I forgot to tell you. Let's look for a nice outfit .... How about this one?

The Violet Dress

:rose: Hmph! It's VIOLET... And it dosn't fit. Look at the boots, tsss! And why are there small balls all around my legs?

:painter: We will make it fit properly later, I promise. And those balls will help us to adjust the skirt. Once done - I'll make them disappear.

:rose: Aha - so you're a mage then?

:painter: Erm ... no. :blushes: Not really. Let's say: I Iearned how to make things look like disappeared.

:rose: Or look like re-dyed? ;)

:painter: Y...yes, but - why?

:rose: Well, I think I really could like this dress - if it would be a red and golden one ...

:painter: I see. OK ... wait a minute ... how do you like this design?

The Violet Dress - re-dyed

:rose: Much better! now - thanks! I don't want to sound disrespectful - but do you think, we can start working on my hair now? It feels quite strange to be a baldy like Safiya.

:painter: Sure ... just let's have a mug of coffee before we go on, OK?

:rose: Ka-fey? I've never heared about something called ka-fey.

:painter: It's magic ...

To be continued ...

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Kiriban at 20.001!

Wed Aug 14, 2013, 7:51 AM
:new:Update: Wow, that was faster than expected!:new:
This has been a three-point-landing for Orzel! Congrats! :)

Coming closer to twenty-thousand ... :woohoo:

So - if you happen to be my 20.001st profil-visitor, send me a screenshot as proof and win


:bulletyellow: a 21-day-showcase of your art on my profil-page :bulletyellow:


:bulletyellow: a piece of 2+1=3D-art of your choice :bulletyellow:

:dummy:Good Luck!:dummy:

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Double Feature

Fri Aug 2, 2013, 7:06 AM
Well, it seems the time is right to reveal a few more facts about me, as I got tagged by my friend :iconthalia-dawnbringer: a couple of weeks ago. Here is, what she wanted to know – an I'm trying to answer her questions as good as I can.

  • What's your favorite Holiday?
Hmmm … I had to think about that for a while. Actually … there is no special one. I simply like every Holiday, because every Holiday is a day where no alarm clock is jolting me out of my sleep early in the morning.

  • What's your favorite literary genre?
It has been Science Fiction back in the 80s. After the Fall of the Wall I came in contact with Fantasy for the first time in my life. R.A. Salvatore's "Forgotten Realms" were the first novels I read – and their influence is still lasting.
Nevertheless I do like the combination of the two genres: Sci-Fi and Fantasy walking hand in hand, like in the "Shadowrun"-Books for instance.

  • What's your #1 cloud-nine moment (so far)?
Another question that is not easy to answer. There have been a couple of such experiences in my life. But which one could be number one? … I think, it's the first time I smelled the scent of Frangipani flowers.

  • Do you collect antiques?  If so, what?
No, I don't. I'm not collecting crown caps, stamps, picture postcards, action figures … I'm collecting nothing in fact. It's weird, isn't it?

  • What's your favorite time of the year?
It's autumn. Late autumn, when the sun breaks through the november fogs. It's a wonderful quiet, grey-golden world.

  • Any old childhood cartoons or shows that you miss seeing?
:lol: "The Adventures of Aladár Mézga" – Does anyone here know this Hungarian TV Show about the Mézga Family?

  • any?
Nope. Fortunately not.

  • Do you think Cryptids (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Jackalopes, Mothman, etc.) exist?
Honestly? … No, I don't believe they exist. They're modern Wendersnavens. (I'm sorry, Grobnar…)

  • Ever have a crush on a fictional character (anime, video game, book, TV show, Movie)
Am I a woman? Yes I am. So – yes, I had them. And not only one. I really could come up with a long list, starting with Mr. Spock and ending with another pointy-eared-fellow of a totally different kind. :giggle:

  • What kind of music gives you chills or makes you feel warm and fuzzy?
It's the music of Giacomo Puccini that always makes me weep like a willow. I know the trick he was using – but there's nothing I can do against it all the same. I'm absolutely prone to it. :faint:

:D That's it. Are you still with me? OK – then, here's the point, where I have to tag ten other people … :sprint:
No don't worry. I'm not going to do this. This is what I'm going to do instead:

For the first 10 people to comment on this journal, I will feature of one their characters (may it be original or fan-characters). I'll also tell you what I like about them. (To feature OCs I should know them, so you should link me to your characters if I don't know them that much. And there should be information available about your characters, too... :))

As one of my characters (guess, who? :la:) has been featured by :iconchenria: a few weeks ago, the first slot belongs to Chenria and her quite … swinging character Shari:

 Do you like what you see...? by Chenria

1. Shari is one of the protagonists of Chenria's fantasy story project "Amathea". She is a concubine, and although she belongs to the slave class, she is quite wealthy since she is one of the most popular concubines and men pay a fortune to spend a night with her. There's something special about here: she can ride ostriches. :thumbsup:

2. One of my favorite the OCs of :iconwaterdragontonx94: is Yokai Ichisame from the Naruto-Universe. She is an Ice-Shaman ... and nonetheless she likes hot and spice food (just like me ... :))

Passion for Ice by WaterdragonTonx94

3. Before :iconthyme-sprite: started to create her own, "true" original characters like Finn or Ridge, there has been Kierran Amell, her Grey Warden mage from "Dragon Age Origins", who caught my attention - because he was part of a sory named "Wind by the Fireside" (which definitively belongs to another favorite realm of mine ;))

DAA: A Father's Pride for Thyme-Sprite by Chenria

4. When thinking of :iconthewildgrape:s OCs most of you certainly think of Del Farlong. But do you also know Cadence, her unsociable, unemotional, reserved and a bit autistic human Favoured Soul? I never managed to play an evil character, all of my attempts ended up somewhere in the middle of the game, but Cadence made it. :thumbsup:

Bird of Prey by TheWildGrape

5. Although I know that :iconthalia-dawnbringer: has quite a handful of OCs the one I know and like best is her Knight Captain Thalia Dawnbringer. Did you know that this powerful, half-celestial being, who wields blazes of fire as well as two sharp Katanas, is afraid of frogs? ;)

Thalia - Elemental Form by Thalia-Dawnbringer

6. Bastian Rave is :iconmojja:'s OC of my choice. To me he's slightly related to my (and Mojja's as well) favorite con artist Locke Lamora. Bastian is an orphan, who - after he run away from the orphanage - was rised by a pirat, and - became a pirat. You can't see it in the picture I've chosen, but I can assure you: he's got the most enchanting blue eyes you can imagine.

Bastian Rave by Mojja

7. Please meet Kit, :iconmelyanna:'s character from a dark fantasy RPG campaign. Kit is a half-elven ranger. She's a crack with the bow, yet on the other hand tries to kill only if there's no other way out of trouble.

Kit - a ranger by melyanna

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Rainbows ...

Tue Jun 25, 2013, 6:23 AM

Spiral of colors II by ViOLeTjaniSRainbow by bulleblueHot Enough To Melt A Rainbow by NinthTaboorainbow drinks by rainbow-artTaste The Rainbow ... by aoao2RAINBOW by melloncolliebabyThe rainbow Mohawk by CrazyRainbowDreadsSeeing through a rainbow by tran-manRainbow Twizzlers by decimaHappy Rose Rainbow Wet by RAINBOWedROSESRainbow French Braid by wisely-chosenRainbow Love by theresahelmerMagic Rainbow by LilyasRainbow Spectrum by LilyasOver the Rainbow by clebus. RainBow . by KimberleePhotographyAfter The Rain by magnusti78Wear the Rainbow III by MkatesoccerRainbow by velcrocanaryRainbow ? by cukriRainbow the Dog by bellykellyPieces of the Rainbow by BritLawrencelumpy rainbow by DoubtfulSoundRainbow Science by Naruto-IIRainbow by EzrieliRainbow Drink Temptation by Villa-ChinchillaRainbow by XmissXunderstoodXRainbow by ervin21Rainbow by chickinOceanic Rainbows by zweeZwyyKajo II by magnusti78Floral Rainbow by SwaroopRainbow by isisRainbow Family: Which member are you? by naked-in-the-rainRainbow Butterfly by 011Art

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Lebensretter gesucht!

Journal Entry: Fri May 31, 2013, 7:55 AM
Ich mach so etwas wirklich nicht oft ... eigentlich mach es es heute zum ersten Mal, und deswegen fehlen mir hier auch irgendwie die richtigen Worte.

Ich schreibe trotzdem mal was, denn heute reicht es mir einfach nicht aus, "nur" Blutspender zu sein. Vor allen Dingen, wenn so ein kleines Würmchen wie Hannah plötzlich aus der Anonymität auftaucht, weil wir durch das Internet doch alle irgendwie "über drei Klicks" miteinander verwandt sind.

Lebensretter gesucht! by shoughad

Ich werde mich typisieren lassen, habe persönliche Gründe, das zu tun. Es sind die gleichen, die mich dazu gebracht haben, seit meinem 16. Lebensjahr Blut zu spenden.

Natürlich kann ich keinem von Euch in's Zeug reden, wenn es um die Frage "Typisierung ja oder nein?" geht. Das kann nur jeder für sich selbst entscheiden.
Edit: Und manchmal hat Mutter Natur diese Entscheidung auch schon ungefragt getroffen - das hätte ich beinahe vergessen. Danke für den Hinweis! :thanks:

Aber vielleicht findet ihr ja am Wochenende ein paar Minuten Zeit, um nachzudenken. Und vielleicht könnt ihr auch kurz bei Hannah und ihrer Famile vorbei schauen und ihnen einen lieben Gruß hinterlassen? Ich fänd's toll. Danke! :)

Hier geht es zum  Blog von Hannahs Eltern: lebensretter-fuer-hannah.blogs…

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I'm back ... but somehow I am not

Journal Entry: Wed May 29, 2013, 5:22 AM

:wave: Hi Folks,

End of month ... I'm back as planned. But life seems to be far more busy than I expected. There's a lot of work to do in the garden and the fields as well as in the office.

Plus we're going to move my mother-in-law a bit closer to the place we live (and you can't imagine, how much stuff she was able to collect during the last 52 years in her little flat :faint:)

So - I'm still going to drop by once a day to keep an eye on what's going on. I'm still writing, rendering, playing ... but slownig down a bit.

Don't worry. I'm fine. Just getting ... :granny: as it ssems. ;)

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Will be off for a while ...

Journal Entry: Wed May 8, 2013, 10:46 AM

... but don't worry - maybe you'll meet me at the "FedCon 22" in Düsseldorf. ;)

After having had this overdose of swarming I'm going to spend a handful of quite relaxing days on the island of "Comino". Wanna have some data about it?
    Coordinates: 36° 0′ 40″ N, 14° 20′ 19″ O Area: 1.35 sq mi (3.5 km2) Highest Point: Redoubt Hill, 75 m Population: 4 Network Coverage: What the hell are you talking about?! :faint:

:wave: See you again at month's end! Have fun! :)

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Gimme some Green

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 4, 2013, 6:18 AM
Beast Tracker by JasonEngleGreen by kerembeyitThe Druidess by IsrianaGreen N.2 by MadameLuciferiGreen by DRagonkagreen by felindaGreen by ThorHakonsenGreen by fullgluggGreen Green Green by SereneLittleBunnyLife is Green by MichelLalondeGreen by zvegi+GREEN+ by vashperadoIn the green by hoschieGreen magic by GreenAmbThe Green Fairy by EldanisGreen by BriscottF55 - Dimension Green by markus71Green Tea by IndiPiPiPiPSteampunk Ring Luminous GREEN by CatherinetteRingsgreen depths by Loony-LucyCeltic Glade Green Version by nmsmithGreen, Green, Green by TokalaGreen mood by zeldisin to the green by heiseNeedle Felted Green Dragon by tallydragonThe Book of Thoughts green. by gildbookbindersLink- Shadows of the Past by ramyWhite Snake and Green Snake by yangtianliGreen Tea Dragon by GildharttRebirth by nmsmithGreen Tesseract by shoughadSome green leather stuff by farmer-bootoshysaGreen by AnatemaDevice
monocromatic green speedpaint by Kamina1978

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Tagged once again!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2013, 8:39 AM
So :iconamaethil: managed to get me into trouble once again. :laughing:

I have to
  • post the rules
  • tell you 5 things about myself here
  • answer the questions the tagger set for me in her post, and create ten new questions for the people I tag to answer
  • choose 10 people to tag and post their icons in this journal
  • go to their page and tell them I've tagged them :D

Five things I can share with you without running the risk of loosing my face? That's ... quite a challenge.
    A. My western zodiac sign is Capricorn. According to the Chinese calendar I'm a Horse. B. As a little child I almost drowned. I still remember it – but it isn't a scary feeling at all. I remember the waves rocking me gently, making me feel safe and secure. C. I'm a good swimmer. ;) D. I like the scent of vanilla and coconut. E. I started to play Skyrim a few days ago. So please don't worry, should I be offline longer than expected the next … weeks … months. :pc:

And the questions I received:

What is your favorite TV show?
There's not really a favorite. I like Sci Fi in general.

2. Do you really want to answer this TAG?
Actually it's fun. I've done this a couple of times before and I like the challenge to figure out new things to tell you about me.

3. Why did you answer the TAG?
Hmmm ... let's say: I needed a new journal entry anyway?

4. Did you ever did something by yourself in HTML?
Yep! Some parts of my homepage are written by me using my humble HTML skills.

5. What is your favorite kind of art?
It's music. In my eyes (ears?) music is the best way to express or to evoke emotions.

6. Where do you think I was when doing this?
Sitting in a nice little cafe, just around the corner of the university campus?

7. Where are you????
:shh: In the office, hidden behind my monitor ... :blushes:

8. Cake or Cookies?
Cake! I'm not doing things by halves.

9. Coffe? Tea? What do you take? Milk? Sugar?
Coffe - pure, black and strong.

10. Hug?
Sure! :D Which one? :glomp: :hug: :huggle: :manhug::tighthug:

Well, I'm not going to tag anyone of you. But if you feel like going on with this game - hey! I'm the last one to stop you. :D

Here are my questions for you:
    1. Will you tell me about the latest book you've read? 2. Have you ever crossed the equator? 3. What's your native language? 4. If you were offered a little cameo in a movie – which genre would you chose: fantasy, thriller, action, sci-fi …? 5. How cold/warm is it outside? 6. Do you have a pet? 7. Do you play chess? 8. What's your favorite dish? 9. Do you believe that there's another intelligent life form "out there"? 10. How long can you hold your breath – just right now?

Photo by jeffretta, Journal Skin by jeffretta
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Let's have some fun ...

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 31, 2013, 1:39 AM
As I joined this game by commenting on my friends'

:iconthyme-sprite: and :iconthalia-dawnbringer:'s
journals - well, let's go on here:  :D

If you leave a comment, I'll try to do the following

  1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your page for 10 seconds.
  2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
  3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to
    (water, fire, air, etc.).
  4. Tell you what OC(s) of yours is/are my favorite(s).
  5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
  6. Tell you something I like about you.
  7. Give you a nickname.
  8. Tell you what am I doing right now.
  9. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of.
  10. Dare you to do one of these in your journal too, if you haven't already.

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Get to Know Others

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 27, 2012, 10:38 AM
The first 20 people to comment on this journal entry will have a small selection of their work featured.
I discovered this idea in :icongypsyh:'s journal, and I instantly liked it.

1. :iconthalia-dawnbringer:, master of floral delight with muro, lover of cirque du soleil and gifted fanfiction-author

Rose Flame by Thalia-DawnbringerTreasure of Inspiration by Thalia-DawnbringerLupine Dream by Thalia-Dawnbringer

2. :icongwasanee:, who beats the hell out of DAZ

LIVING THE DREAM by GwasaneeNO WAY OUT by GwasaneeCatching fire by Gwasanee

3. :iconskyzyk:, the fractal multitalent

Everything is Connected by skyzykOctobers Love by skyzykSummer in the Desert by skyzyk

4. :iconfomalhaut48:, not the cat but the girl with a hat - and the world's fastest speaker, believe me! :D

Frozen Heart - chapter 1Cold sweat dripped down Sand's temples as he awoke with a start. His azure eyes darted about for a few seconds before he closed them and sighed deeply, then wiped away something that looked suspiciously similar to a small tear from the angle of his right eye.
The question echoed in his mind as he tried his best to calm down. No, it wasn't a nightmare, but a wonderful dream, one that he would have loved to last forever, or to become reality. From time to time, he had dreams about her, he could hear her sweet laughter, kiss her silky hair, hold her hand and look into her eyes. Those eyes that sparkled with the colour of the setting sun over the Sea of Swords. The worst thing was not dreaming about her, but waking up and know with painful certainty that he would never, ever have the chance to look into her sunset eyes again.
Sand sat up in his bed and opened the drawer of his end table. He had recently decided to settle in Crossroad Keep, and to stay now that the Shadow
Strange me by Fomalhaut48Lake in the mountains by Fomalhaut48

5. :iconphantagrafie:, winner of the "Sexy Santa challenge" from LongHairedMenPlz and definitively the right choice if you are looking for someone to portrait your OC

Colours of destiny by PhantagrafieShaman Headdress by PhantagrafieCharacter Art: Ariestan by Phantagrafie

6. :iconmadoldhag:, my first watcher at all here on dA - and the first deviant I met personally :handshake:

Around the World in 80 DaysWill cross the date line yesterday.Character Disease Stamp by MadOldHagJoy is in the Air by MadOldHag

7. :iconthyme-sprite:, Rune Caster and Knitting Master - and my favorite reader ;)

Blitze schauen by Thyme-Sprite Casting RunesPart 1
Finally. After a lonesome and arduous journey of two months, Jordis had finally reached her destination, the capital city Caellowell.
At the city gates in the South, where she had come from, she wiped the dust off her robe and handed three coins of copper over to the guardsman, the toll to be allowed to enter Caellowell. For an ordinary peasant, this would have been a little fortune, that she knew, but to her it was almost nothing. As a runecaster she had never had any concerns in respect of money. Now, as an accredited runecaster, even less so.
The city guard nodded and signalised her to pass through, clearly not wanting anything more to do with her than he absolutely had to and she understood him. Runecasters were able to work magic that sometimes must seem like wonders to other people. They were revered for their power and knowledge, as they were feared for the very same reasons.
“May the runes fall for the benefit of you.”, Jordis said and wished the man a good
TARDIS fingerless gloves by Thyme-Sprite

8. :iconcypriththecat:, who has her birthday today - so please drop by and leave her some hugs :hug:

Chained by CyprithTheCatGoldkatze by CyprithTheCatCombatants by CyprithTheCat

9. :iconvidom:, who again and again makes me wonder "Hells! This can't be a fractal, can it?"

A hermit's night by VidomProtection by VidomUtah by Vidom

10. :iconladyofpayne:, founder of the Aribeth-fanclub and the most patient being I ever met (I know I still owe you a picture :blushes:)

Fenris Happy Birthday Gift by LadyofpayneAribeth de Tylmarand by LadyofpayneFenders win by Ladyofpayne

11. :iconmojja: from the far North, who - just like me -  has a crush on a certain smart gentleman bastard ;)

Bastian by MojjaTjabo by MojjaHige  Wolf's Rain by Mojja

12. :iconwaterdragontonx94:, my "virtual niece" - a crazy and absolutley lovable girl speaking a crazy and absolutley lovable English

Tunderbird Deva by WaterdragonTonx94cat and a dog by WaterdragonTonx94Passion for Ice by WaterdragonTonx94

13. :iconingelore: a nice laday hailing from a quite famous, German town ...  that actually does not exist. Rather, its existence is merely propagated by an entity known only as SIE (in this context THEY or THEM), which has conspired with authorities to create the illusion of the city's existence. :wow:

to keep me warm by Ingelorethe hidden city by Ingeloreblue spring by Ingelore

14. :iconcharle-magne:, the guy who is going to draw 10,000 30-second poses to train his drawing skill - and I know, he's going to make it! :thumbsup:

X in your head by Charle-magne100 Faces by Charle-magneLadything in Red by Charle-magne

15. :iconaeltari: , who is always number one on my "friends"-Pulldown-Menue

The Devil's Daughter by AeltariFloral 3D Text by AeltariThe Storm Bringers by Aeltari

16. :iconcaoimhefraney:, mistress of heroic noses (No offend - they rock! Really!)

Arch-Demon? No problem by CaoimheFraneyBauldrfir by CaoimheFraneyI'm All Horns by CaoimheFraney

17. :iconandauril: , the multitalent - she's a writer, painter, photographer, game, story-teller

Very different cat sisters by AndaurilTwo sides of a woman - part III by AndaurilTogruta Jedi by Andauril

18. :iconmagicdrusilla:, who's absolutely mad about elves ... sexy elves ... you know? ;) (Mature Content :blushes:)

In ewiger und tiefster Ergebung....In my remainsOhne sich noch einmal umzudrehen, zurück zu blicken auf den Mann, der ihr in den letzten Stunden ergeben gedient hat, ihren Körper mit heißen Küssen verwöhnt hat und sie an die Grenzen der Lust katapultiert hat, verlässt sie den Ort.
Hier und an vielen anderen verborgenen Orten  haben wir uns geliebt.
Geliebt! So würde sie es niemals nennen. Ich, ihr Geliebter, nein das passt nicht in diese, ihre perfekte Welt, zu ihren ach so tollen Freunden, die von diesen geheimen und immer häufiger werdenden Treffen nie erfahren dürfen.
Jedes bisschen Zuneigung, was sie bereit ist mir zu geben, sauge ich Stück für Stück in mich auf, inhaliere es, schlucke es, brauche es. Ihren köstlichen Duft, der mir die Sinne raubt, mich nie klar denken lässt. Ihren warmen Körper, an meiner kühlen Haut, ihre harten Muskeln umhüllt von sanfter nach pfirsich duftender Haut. Oh, ich werde noch verrückt, ja diese Frau macht mich zu ihrem willigen Sklaven, stets bereit, wenn sie danach verlangt und nichts könnte ich d
Merry Christmas by magicdrusilla Fangirl Teil 1Hallo ich hoffe diese kleine Story gefällte euch, bitte beachtet die Altersfreigabe: P18
Die meisten Orte und Charaktere gehören Bioware.
Das ist für alle Fenris Fans... 
“Scheiße, was ist das denn jetzt?”
Ich blicke auf den schwarzen Computerbildschirm…
Die ganze anstrengende Arbeitswoche habe ich mich auf dieses verlängerte Wochenende gefreut.
Die Kunden in der Tankstelle waren nervig und gereizt gewesen, da die Benzinkosten mal wieder gestiegen waren und es wohl mittlerweile so war, das man das Mädel an der Kasse dafür verantwortlich machen musste…
Manchmal habe ich diese Tagträume, die mir immer ein Lächeln auf die Lippen zaubern.
Mein Elf erscheint hinter so einem nervenden Kunden, lächelt mich an und versenkt seine glühende Faust von hinten in dessen Brustkorb…oh ja, das würde mir gefallen…
Ich quälte mein Auto durch den Feierabendverkehr, das Wetter ist trübe und d

19. :iconvick330:, lover of cats and creator of delightful Shandra-visions :hug:

I can see you by vick330 Neverwinner Nights2 Chapter III by vick330Azula before and after meme by vick330

20. :iconbaka-no-neko:, who is last but definitively not least :D:

BakaID2012 by Baka-no-NekoBW: A Tiger's Ballad by Baka-no-NekoG  H  O  S  T by Baka-no-Neko

:sun: Well if you missed a slot in my journal, just check out Baka-no-Neko's profile. Or pay a visit ti Amaethil Both of my friends got another feature up an running. :sun:

Feel free to copy-paste this to your own journals.:nod:

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Dear Santa ...

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2012, 11:23 AM
... well, ... erm ... you know I'm a crazy old girl sometimes. :blush: And you certainly know that I really have a crush on this little, notional guy who constantly is by my side since I started to play "Neverwinter Nights 2" and to write a handful of tiny, little fanfics about him and his  - quite often very unusual - way to rule a fortress and to deal with this nasty big guy called King od Shadows. Yeah - you know I'm talking about my charming, skirt-chasing, smart halfling bard Torias. :tighthug:

Torias by Isriana
(:thanks: Isriana)

You're right, I've been lazy in translating those oneshots into English recently. But do you think, I could nonethelsee ask for an illustration for one of the chapters I've finished until now? :)

I already had TheWildGrape making me smile with her interpretation of For Moments like these:

Commission "Moments" by TheWildGrape

And I know that the talented rachelillustrates is working on a little piece to picture The Flame and the Rock. To be honest, patience is not one my strong point. :woohoo:

My friend Chenria illustrated a little scene from the - until now only in German available - chapter "Endgame II":

Torias by Chenria by shoughad

:happybounce: I got some wonderful sketches of Torias made by the awesome Elf-in-mirror and Phantagrafie

Torias By Elf In Mirror by shoughad Character Art: Torias by Phantagrafie

And WaterdragonTonx94 and melyanna surprised me with some nice portraits, too. :hug:

Flirty litlle devils by WaterdragonTonx94 Torias - the bard by melyanna

:rofl: Well, and there's vick330's unforgettable banana-dance version:

banana dance Torias by vick330

But don't you think, there's someone around here, who could give one of the remaining chapters a try?
Something like dealing with stubborn wolves in Taming the Wolf or accidently blowing up a newly built tower by pure bard's magic just like in Two on the Tower's Top?

No, it's not a problem at all, if you can't find someone. I just thought, it would be nice ... you know ...! :)

Merry Christmas to all of you! :wave:

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Meet my friends ... olivegbg

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:13 AM
The Dragon is at the head of the Horde by olivegbg Lyrium and Ashes -detail by olivegbg Fenris front by olivegbg The Joining -Detail by olivegbg
In doubt by olivegbg Confused Torment by olivegbg Anders by olivegbg
Duncan by olivegbg Zevran by olivegbg  How hard can it be? by olivegbg
Oghren by olivegbg Alistair by olivegbg  Leliana by olivegbg
We are few now by olivegbg

ModernThedas Challenge: Men in Grey by olivegbg

On or off by olivegbg

Well, there's nothing I can say but: she's got the most mind-blowing drawing technique one can imagine. Don't ever miss her art.

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Just - October ... no pumpkins

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 17, 2012, 8:22 AM
The October Country by jackieocean october. by julkusiowa :thumb102574034: October's Last by FramedByNature October by lindelokse October by IgorSan October by titiavanbeugen October by vkacademy Scarlet Bloom by Blackpassion777 October by LaViaSimple7507 Joy of autumn by Dragarta October - Autumn by missgizmo October by Ru13 October by bwoman2008 October by fakedskin October by rain1940 Orange as October by TeaPhotography Lady Fall by PorcelainPoet october creatures by maruhana-bachi Sun Dance in October by sesam-is-open October by onesummeragoHalloween 2012, or else by Charle-magne

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I'll be off for a while ...

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 6, 2012, 11:44 AM
:wave: ... leaving tomorrow for a short trip to

Bologna by malakuchka Bologna by FraterOrion :thumb179464595:


bridge Rimini Italy by martin-e500 My fetish by nspnott Cinque e un quarto by FerretK


Duomo di Pisa by LItaliano-Vero pisa by uurthegreat Campo dei Miracoli 17 - Pisa by AthosLuca


Siena by LoRiBoX Siena by Myunclejules San Galgano by D-o-m-u-s


Colosseo by IsacGoulart st. pete by dale427 Sant'Angelo Castle by Ana-D